About Us

Simon Huften is the owner of Huften Financial Group specializing in providing a wide array of investment and insurance products for his clients all across Canada.

Simon is originally from Orillia, Ontario which is quite a small city located just over an hour north of Toronto. He started his financial planning practice in the Orillia/Barrie area with Freedom 55 Financial in 2009 offering financial solutions from London Life. After approximately five years, he decided that he wanted to pursue his career in a much nicer climate and moved across Canada to Kelowna, British Columbia which is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

At this time he left Freedom 55 Financial and became an independent broker which allows him to provide essentially all investment and insurance products available in Canada. His clients appreciate the unbiased advice he is able to provide because of his non arms length relationship with different companies.

Over the years Simon has developed a relationship with another investment firm who specialized in helping Expats transfer their pensions from the United Kingdom to Canada. In February of 2017, HMRC stopped allowing the transfer of pensions to Canada which was recently reversed as of September 2019.

At this time, Simon is here to provide assistance again to those with previous employer pensions in the United Kingdom who wish to transfer them to Canada into an RRSP account.

“I proud myself on taking the time to understand my clients personal and financial situation to help determine if I am able to provide any financial assistance.

Transferring pensions from overseas can be an overwhelming process, but I am here to help provide the guidance that my clients require to simplify the entire process from start to finish.”