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Benefits of Transferring Your UK Pension to Canada

Tax Free Spousal Roll Over

Upon death, your UK pension in Canada will roll over to your spouse TAX FREE. This is because your pension will be a RRSP account in Canada which the CRA allows to be transferred to a spouse tax free at death. If left in the UK, you could be subject to tax at death and/or lose a large portion of your pension.

No Tax Liability to the UK

You will not be subject to any taxation in the UK when withdrawing your pension funds in Canada. You will only be subject to tax in Canada which is dependent on your total income in the tax year that you withdraw from your pension. 

Currency Risk / Exchange / Fluctuations

Your pension will be held in Canadian dollars if you transfer it to Canada. This eliminates the risk of currency fluctuations of the pound sterling and provides you with more control on your retirement income. Withdrawals in retirement will be in Canadian funds. 

Choosing Your Beneficiary

You have the ability to name a beneficiary on your pension to ensure that the balance of your pension goes to person(s) of your wish at death. Your beneficiaries will receive the full remaining amount of your investment because your investment has the ability to bypass probate and estate fees. 

Retirement Income Options

There is full control of your retirement income options when it is in Canada. Choose between regular scheduled withdrawals or lump sum deposits- you have the ability to decide how and when to take income from your retirement account. 

Guarantee Your Principle

Currently Industrial Alliance is the only eligible investment provider accepting UK pensions in Canada and they provide the ability to guarantee up to 100% of the initial transfer value of your pension when it arrives in Canada. This adds another layer of protection on top of your hard earned money. 

Accessibility / Control

Since your pension would be managed in Canada, you have full control of when you would like to withdrawal monies, make investment selections and decisions, name your beneficiaries and more. 

Investment Options

When your pension arrives in Canada, you have access to our advisory team to select between a mix of different investment options to suit your needs and risk tolerance. Stocks, bonds or even cash. You can make changes to your investments as freely as you like. 


New pension rules came into effect Sept 15 2019

If you are age 55 or older, you can transfer your UK pension to Canada.


Why Choose Us?

10+ Years Experience

With over 10 years experience dealing in the financial and insurance services industry while specializing in UK pensions transfers (QROPS), we are able to smoothly transition your UK pensions to Canada.


There are a very limited selection of companies that are able to accept UK pensions in Canada. Our strong relationships with these investment companies helps distinguishes us in the marketplace. Our clients appreciate how easy our transfer process is.

$50+ Million in Assets

Over the years of working with Expats, we now manage over $50 million in assets of UK pensions. Our clients benefit from our specialized pension transfer service. Ensure that your transfer is handled by professionals.

In Person Service

We provide personalized in person service throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. This allows us to guide you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure that your money is received in Canada quick and efficiently.

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What our clients say

Our 3 Step Pension Transfer Process

Introductory Call / Meeting

If you have moved to Canada permanently and have a pension from a previous employment in the United Kingdom that you wish to transfer to Canada, contact us for an introductory phone call.

We will chat briefly to determine if it is beneficial to transfer your pension from the UK to Canada. If it is, we will send you our “Request for Information” data sheet so that we can start working on your behalf to get your pension funds to Canada.

Contact Simon today to learn more…

  • Professional, trusted investment and pension advice
  • No obligation one on one consultations
  • Canadian owned and operated

Request for Information

Once we have both agreed that it is in your best interest to transfer your UK pension to Canada and you have decided to move forward, we will provide you with a document to complete that will allow us to work on your behalf.

We will contact your pension administrator to request an update on your pension values, account numbers, transfer details, etc.

Throughout this entire process there is no cost for the work we are doing as we are commissioned by the investment provider in Canada.

Contact Simon today to learn more…

  • Professional, trusted investment and pension advice
  • No obligation one on one consultations
  • Canadian owned and operated

Completing The Transfer

After we have received the necessary information from your pension administrator, we will be in touch with you to review everything and complete any required application/transfer documentation.

We will take care of everything including setting up your new investment account in Canada, processing transfer requests, follow ups, etc.

Contact Simon today to learn more…

  • Professional, trusted investment and pension advice
  • No obligation one on one consultations
  • Canadian owned and operated

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